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Random n shit...

I would love to see Jesus come back as a gay man...just to screw the Evangelicals.
They are scared of 2 people of the same sex being "married."
Why does the media even give such a fringe viewpoint and issue the coverage it does?
To avoid doing real journalism.
To keep the corporate bosses happy.
Sponsorship run amick...whole cities next?
Maybe naming rights to newborns.
Bobby "Cool Ranch Dorito" jones..
Tattoo...forced diet/lifestyle.
Ramblings of a loaded fiend make for good fodder.
Soilent nuggets are parrot!! Zoo on acid.
Typhoon Mary.
Etch a Sketch as life metaphor.
Race card is blank tile in Scrabble.
Al Quaida website job l;istings...interviews...
Rock n Roll one would survive now.
Bar ordering baseball signals.
NOLA Amsterdam of America...vice laws ineffective...test scenario here...
Million drunk march
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