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The mad ramblings of a knowledgable fool.
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Below are the 4 most recent journal entries recorded in The writings and ramblings of Billzbub...seeds of's LiveJournal:

Tuesday, December 13th, 2005
4:48 am
Random n shit...
I would love to see Jesus come back as a gay man...just to screw the Evangelicals.
They are scared of 2 people of the same sex being "married."
Why does the media even give such a fringe viewpoint and issue the coverage it does?
To avoid doing real journalism.
To keep the corporate bosses happy.
Sponsorship run amick...whole cities next?
Maybe naming rights to newborns.
Bobby "Cool Ranch Dorito" jones..
Tattoo...forced diet/lifestyle.
Ramblings of a loaded fiend make for good fodder.
Soilent nuggets are parrot!! Zoo on acid.
Typhoon Mary.
Etch a Sketch as life metaphor.
Race card is blank tile in Scrabble.
Al Quaida website job l;istings...interviews...
Rock n Roll euthanasia....dunno...no one would survive now.
Bar ordering baseball signals.
NOLA Amsterdam of America...vice laws ineffective...test scenario here...
Million drunk march

Current Mood: drunk
Friday, August 5th, 2005
12:33 pm
Dream piece #1
Hippies=Racoons.. gentle woodland creatures, but smell awful and don't leave food out around them.

issues: veg? fit.

Current Mood: quixotic
Thursday, August 4th, 2005
3:21 pm
Grocery stores.
It seems like every grocery store I go to now wants me to join their Super Duper Monster Savers Club. So I have to fill out some form with way too much personal information on it just so I can save .15 cents on a package of Rice a Roni. And it isn't like, just because I am a member of their club, that this is going to instill some sort of grocery store loyalty in me. Flying my Winn Dixie gang signs, ya heard! Piggly Wiggly in da hizzy.
What I am going to do, since I am a cheap bastard, is fill out one of these stupid applications for every store I shop at.
So now, every grocery store in town (and some in towns I frequent ) have my information on file. My supermarket dossier.
And with all the handy little keychain cards they give you, my keyring looks like some mini-Chinese fan...pull it out and whip it open like drag queen with a tiny fetish.
*whips out key-fan*
Now, besides the obvious marketing possibilities...because I don't get enough circulars and spam in my various information boxes...what ELSE are they doing with this information?
Compiling a shopping profile?
Tracking my sad life and the purchases which define it?
Like the amount of alcohol I purchase...late at night. Accompanied by single serving food items.
Or the fact that the last time I bought condoms was a long, long time ago?
I don't know if I like this sort of information in the hands of the grocery cartels.
I'm pretty sure I saw the cashier at the Sav a Center judging me...
And are they selling these lists?
Is it merely a COINCIDENCE that I get more junk mail for health clubs, hospitals and singles groups?
And let's not forget the Department of Homeland Security..
Invoking the Patriot Act...
"It seems he purchased kitty litter, bleach, benedryl and thumbtacks. We'll need to bring this one in for questioning..."
All for .10 cents off Hot Pockets.

Current Mood: ererer
Friday, July 29th, 2005
4:06 pm
Yellow ribbons (harsh version)
Everytime I see one of those magnetic yellow ribbons on the back of some SUV, I want to firebomb the fucker with the driver in it. Especially since, 9 times out of 10, it is plastered above a Bush/Cheney or W04 sticker. Yeah, jackass. That $3.00 you spent at the local Fuel and Fart while pumping $60 worth of gasoline into your Corporate deathmobile is JUST what our troops need. Nevermind you voted in the evil overlords who shipped those same troops off to clear the way for Haliburton (and not to fight terrorism, otherwise we would still be looking for Bin Laden...remember him? The guy we're pretty sure masterminded an attack on US soil and killed thousands? No..no..not the guy we attacked! Not Hussein...I'm sure it was easy to confuse the 2, since all Arabs look alike, and it's pretty hard to keep up with all the news that the Fox network throws at you in 30 seconds chunks.) Yeah...your Baby Bush and his Injustice League actually cut benefits...sent unprepared men and women into an illegal war and have possibly ruined the image of America beyond repair. Oh..and let's not forget outing CIA operatives (who, in essence, supply information which should assist our military) for petty partisan games.
It isn't that I don't support our troops. I do. I support them coming home. I support not using them for corporate greed, and only for the actual defense of our nation. Everyone who voted for Bush, and still backs him, should have to go to Iraq. Buy a yellow ribbon, receive a draft notice. You want to support the troops Spanky? Here's a gun. Get on the plane. Every Senator...Congressperson...Bible thumping Neo-Con who jumped on the big oily bandwagon..Here's your gun. Get on the plane. Your kids too. And grandkids. Once these people start getting relatives gift wrapped in body bags for Christmas, maybe they will think differently about illegal wars in the name of oil.
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